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A Refreshing Glimmer of a Brighter Future

Regulations are not the best way to a greener future.  Instead, business leaders that keep their heads above the fray and have a vision of the future less tainted by next quarter’s PL figures hold the key to the seismic shift toward sustainability and a habitable future.  An article I encountered in VentureWire identified EDF, the global electricity provider, as a company doing things differently.  While their chief concern is the efficient and profitable delivery of electricity to their customers, EDF has created an entrepreneurial atmosphere by which they invest in and partner with startups that are creating distruptive technologies relating to smart grids, power generation, and energy storage.  This way a global company of 130,000 can move swiftly and stay ahead of the curve.  Around the bend is an inflection point that corporations can choose to recognize or ignore.  Those that are proactive are likely to continue to operate profitably while leading march away from a Carbon-based society, while others react aimlessly or stand their ground, only to be swept aside by the greatest economic shift in most of our lifetimes.

Other corporations making strides:  General Electric, ConocoPhilips, Florida Power & Light Co.


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"Our ignorance is not so vast as our failure to use what we know." - Dr. M. King Hubbert


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