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Solar Valuation

What kind of value can customers return to the system with the advent of distributed solar? The root of the solar debate in 2014 is how do we handle cost-benefit calculation associated with the evolution of the solar industry. There is a bid ask spread between those exporting to the grid and potential buyers. The energy gets bought, but there is no consensus regarding who pays this difference.

Yet solar’s penetration, even including distributed, is very low which begs the question ‘why does net metering get the attention that it does?’ Now is the time to have the conversation about regulation and rate structure to ensure a smooth evolution of solar adoption. States need to look hard at whether allowing for net metering makes sense given the viability of solar to begin with. If the cost has to be spread across the system, then there is no reason to install.

Lots of the talk was entry level jargon:

Day Two


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