"Our ignorance is not so vast as our failure to use what we know." - Dr. M. King Hubbert
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Solar Valuation

What kind of value can customers return to the system with the advent of distributed solar? The root of the solar debate in 2014 is how do we handle cost-benefit calculation associated with the evolution of the solar industry. There is a bid ask spread between those exporting to the grid and potential buyers. The … Continue reading

Coastal De-Engineering

Bainbridge Trust Article Very interesting piece that has principles (relatively) easily applied to damaged New England estuaries.  Growing up in a town where the vast majority of estuaries are in a state of near complete degradation, I wonder often if removing high energy features such as groins and seawalls reverse damage done of the course … Continue reading

Evaluation of Private Equity in Energy Start Ups

Glimpsing the future of energy through the eyes of Surge, STV, Austin Ventures and Houston Ventures is an unconventional way to spend lunch. Bob Metcalf, noted VC and UT’s innovation asset, is moderating a panel that seeks to tackle the capital intensity and capital efficiency issues of energy startups. Interesting to hear this from three … Continue reading

Energy Forum Dispatch

The 2014 UT Energy Forum is starting off strong with Bob Ingles of the Energy & Enterprise Institute. His history in politics and energy policy gives his words more weight than I would typically ascribe to a conservative politician talking about clean energy.  The E&EI’s mission, to change the conservative mindset regarding energy policy and … Continue reading

A Clean New Direction

Knocean will now be an outlet for all things CleanTech.  I look forward to sharing what I read, learn, and experience as I embark on a new career.  Ideally, posts and links will come out at least twice a week and longer pieces a couple times a month.  This will be an exciting journey and … Continue reading

The Bully Project


I saw a review for this today in the New York Times, but had heard of it by word of mouth a few days before. If only a movie like Bully and the movement associated with it didn’t need the advent of youtube and social media to finally come to be. This is one to see in theaters. Whether you’ve been the victim, perpetrator, or witness of bullying, this is the call to action and change that we all need. The result shouldn’t be that we levy outsize punishments against the bullies (bullying the bullies), but rather to put a stop to it through education and understanding. The Bully Project isn’t mindless idealism, it is a movement that has been a long time coming.

Continue reading

A Refreshing Glimmer of a Brighter Future

Regulations are not the best way to a greener future.  Instead, business leaders that keep their heads above the fray and have a vision of the future less tainted by next quarter’s PL figures hold the key to the seismic shift toward sustainability and a habitable future.  An article I encountered in VentureWire identified EDF, … Continue reading

Another Blog To Follow

Be sure to check out Rob Crane’s blog over at http://www.robcraneracing.com He is an Olympic-bound sailor who is finally approaching the fun, rewarding part of his campaign: The Olympics!

People Using Brains

When A Parking Lot Is So Much More Interesting ruminations on turning parking lots from blight to blessing.  This is well beyond being the good guy and recycling that wayward soda can or bottle; reimagining these spaces as an asset and reducing the environmental impact will be a huge challenge until we ween ourselves off … Continue reading

People and Companies Doing Cool Things

Access to VentureWire and other newsletters gives me a good look at companies on the verge of making it or more established ones breaking into new markets.  Often more compelling that the companies or products are the people driving this innovation.  I hope to make this a frequent feature.  http://corp.dimensionu.com/ Educational gaming from DimensionU is … Continue reading